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Too Many E-Mails??

Do you just get too many emails?

Try unsubscribing from e-mail new letters. Usually there is tiny link at the bottom of the e-mail.

I have one email address for business and one for personal/junk/newsletters/signups/fun stuff. means that you can dedicate your time to real e-mail not deleting things you don’t read/need

Boom App increases sound

Try this app to increases sound on your Mac desktop especially good for laptops

We Love Tech – New Business Name

New financial year, new business name

I was never happy with TeachTech, I found my clients did not know the “brand” so it was time.

We Love Tech represents more about me, who I am and what I can do


So – welcome to We Love Tech

TeachTech Business – Psychology

Psychology in business, theres more to it than you can think!

example :
Staff are made redundant, budget cuts etc. Boss goes on cruise with wife. This says, boss does not care that staff are laid off, and still spends money personally. Staff say screw it… start taking things like stationary, and faking sick days. Builds resentment.

Be mindful of what you do as a manager or a business owner, it flows down to the staff. Remember “the fish rots from the head”

TeachTech Business – Paying bills

If you are a small business owner and paying bills on time just isn’t your thing.
If you have the money, pay them when you receive them.

Owing money on an account requires two things a completed credit application and communication. If you can’t pay the bill, say so. If you don’t want to pay the bill, say so.

Silence with over due accounts just make it worse and the company you owe money to more likely to send you to debt collection