We Love Tech Business

Use technology to improve your business

Smart phones, they are part of our world these days. Phones used to be for communication, but they are amazing tools to help you in your business.

We Love Tech uses the following Apps for being a mobile technology business

Electronic calendar – I book my appointments in a certain calendar. This synchronizes to my iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook. It alerts me when I need to be some where.

HoursTracker – this amazing App allows me to track actual hours I have worked for a client. Making sure all hours worked are paid for. I can see how my target for the month is going

Xero – online accounting software. Gone of the days of MYOB sitting on a PC, and when you get home sending out invoices. Xero allows me to bill from my iPad in the car after an appointment

All these are matched together to make sure I’m making a income from my business.

Use Smart Phones and Apps to make your business work for you.