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Enjoy your technology

Technology is meant to make life easier not harder.

If your getting frustrated, swearing and yelling at your technology, call Rebecca. A simply explanation can change your thoughts about your tech.

Little tweaks can change your experience and your ease of using technology.

Don’t fight it. Call Rebecca


If your using XP its time to upgrade

Click here to read my Newsletter about upgrades.



Too Many E-Mails??

Do you just get too many emails?

Try unsubscribing from e-mail new letters. Usually there is tiny link at the bottom of the e-mail.

I have one email address for business and one for personal/junk/newsletters/signups/fun stuff. means that you can dedicate your time to real e-mail not deleting things you don’t read/need

Boom App increases sound

Try this app to increases sound on your Mac desktop especially good for laptops

We Love Tech – New Business Name

New financial year, new business name

I was never happy with TeachTech, I found my clients did not know the “brand” so it was time.

We Love Tech represents more about me, who I am and what I can do


So – welcome to We Love Tech