We Love Tech

Enjoy your technology

Technology is meant to make life easier not harder.

If your getting frustrated, swearing and yelling at your technology, call Rebecca. A simply explanation can change your thoughts about your tech.

Little tweaks can change your experience and your ease of using technology.

Don’t fight it. Call Rebecca


Unpredictable I.T.

From experience I.T. is the most unexpected industry.
It changes day to day and week to week.

So be nice, patient and also understanding that a true I.T. person goes the extra mile, does more hours that you know and has more experience than you know.

Don’t say things like
“my genius friend/relative knows so much about I.T. they had a go at ….. and now it does not work. Can you please fix”

When the I.T. person is working, please don’t point out things, the I.T. person knows what they are doing, and should know what they have to click on.

Tell the truth about what went wrong, and tell the I.T. person. “yes I was looking at porn” because it saves time and money. We can tell.

Have all your usernames and passwords ready for the I.T. person. Again saves time and money

Tea, coffee and biscuits help