Complications and upgrades

Like your doctor tells you all upgrades come with complications

We Love Tech

Enjoy your technology

Technology is meant to make life easier not harder.

If your getting frustrated, swearing and yelling at your technology, call Rebecca. A simply explanation can change your thoughts about your tech.

Little tweaks can change your experience and your ease of using technology.

Don’t fight it. Call Rebecca


Unpredictable I.T.

From experience I.T. is the most unexpected industry.
It changes day to day and week to week.

So be nice, patient and also understanding that a true I.T. person goes the extra mile, does more hours that you know and has more experience than you know.

Don’t say things like
“my genius friend/relative knows so much about I.T. they had a go at ….. and now it does not work. Can you please fix”

When the I.T. person is working, please don’t point out things, the I.T. person knows what they are doing, and should know what they have to click on.

Tell the truth about what went wrong, and tell the I.T. person. “yes I was looking at porn” because it saves time and money. We can tell.

Have all your usernames and passwords ready for the I.T. person. Again saves time and money

Tea, coffee and biscuits help

We Love Tech Business

First Blog from new domain hosting

Domains. Well over the last 15 years I’ve registered over 1000+
There are a few things I’ve learnt.

Host in Australia. Yes the over seas ones are cheap. If anything goes wrong it’s bad. Over seas hosts are hard to deal with, hard to contact and don’t know Australian business registrations.

Keep your domain password safe. Keep your hosting details safe

If your web designer does not provide this information, demand it. Your domain belongs to you.

My host of choices are


Expeed is hosted and support locally in Adelaide. Love it. Great support.

Moving your site is hard work but worth it, in the end.

Domains are not just for business, you can register one for your family. Each family member can have their own email address. Complete control

Do not use GoDaddy. Worst service, if you email me I’ll let you know

Happy domains

We Love Tech


If your using XP its time to upgrade

Click here to read my Newsletter about upgrades.



We Love Tech Business

Use technology to improve your business

Smart phones, they are part of our world these days. Phones used to be for communication, but they are amazing tools to help you in your business.

We Love Tech uses the following Apps for being a mobile technology business

Electronic calendar – I book my appointments in a certain calendar. This synchronizes to my iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook. It alerts me when I need to be some where.

HoursTracker – this amazing App allows me to track actual hours I have worked for a client. Making sure all hours worked are paid for. I can see how my target for the month is going

Xero – online accounting software. Gone of the days of MYOB sitting on a PC, and when you get home sending out invoices. Xero allows me to bill from my iPad in the car after an appointment

All these are matched together to make sure I’m making a income from my business.

Use Smart Phones and Apps to make your business work for you.

We Love Tech Business

If you need help, reach out

Business can be overwhelming. To busy, to disorganised and hard work. There are business coaches, websites and Facebook groups to suggest new ways to help your business.

We Love Tech Business

Remove junk email

I’ve spend the last 4 months cleaning up a companies email boxes. I’m amazed, when I think I’ve gotten off all the emailing lists, more come.

Time is wasted when you get 500 emails, four are from clients, the rest is junk. If you don’t read it, it’s not helping then unsubscribe. Your clients are more important.

The unsubscribe is hard to find at the bottom of emails.

If you do want to subscribe setup a second email address for advertising junk and other email.

Be conscious of where you put your email address. On what site and what email address to use

We Love Tech Business

Be Organised for Busines

Being in business means to be a master juggler. To keep up with all the master juggler hats business owners must have, organisation is a must.

The days i feel out of control, are days im not organised. Get up at a good time. Be organised and useful during work hours. Make sure you take time off.

Time off is equally important as working your butt off.

Use tools to be organised, I use Reminders on my phone when i think of something. Then I can sit down and work through the list. Feels good to tick off the items

We Love Tech Business

Accounts email for Business

Do you have changing staff?

Why not have an “alias” of,

It means that your suppliers don;t have to keep changing the e-mail address every time a staff person leaves. Wasted time with suppliers having to make contact when the e-mails bounce when they need to send an invoice.