Printers…..hints and tricks.

There are 2 types of printers Ink and Laser, Lasers are mostly black and white and are cheaper to run, if you compare price per page. Ink printers are both black and white with colour.

Ink printers are more common in homes, but like ball point pens are subject to drying out. Especially if you don’t print often.

If your printer looks like below, then the cleaning process available via the printer LCD screen can be done. Most times this will fix the issue on the first try, if not you can repeat till needed.

Inks are generally expensive, so here are a few tips and tricks to save ink and money
Select the Black and White option before printing
Companies will price match if you mention online stores like,
Use alternative ink site like Raw Cartridges
If your just using your printer just for scanning, non genuine inks, will still work and keep your printer happy. (I’ve been using ink from Raw Cartridges for a while now. All Cartridges 5 for $22 for my Canon, normally $139)